International Conference on "Advances in Computational Sciences” (ICACS-2022)
On 20 th and 21st May 2022.

Call For Papers


The thrust areas of the conference include but not limiting to the following topics.


Operation Research, Inventory models, Statistical process control, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Statistical Genomics, Probability & Distribution Theory, Stochastic Modelling, Biostatistics, Official Statistics Bayesian Inference, Statistical Quality Control, Data Mining, Multivariate Analysis, Operational Research, Time Series Analysis, Econometrics Artificial Neural Networks, Envelopment Analysis, Survival Analysis, Statistical Soft Computing, Sampling Techniques, Design of Experiments, Financial Statistics, Reliability Theory Decision etc.


Real, Complex, Functional Analysis, Number Theory, Algebra, Fuzzy Analysis, Graph Theory, Operation Research, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical / Theoretical Physics, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematics Education and Population Study, Mathematical Sciences in Engineering and Industries,, Soft Computing and Computational Models, Recent Developments in Mathematical Sciences and Other Aspects of Mathematics etc.

Computer Sciences

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Forensics and Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Smart Environments and Pervasive Computing, Data Science and Knowledge Discovery, Health Informatics and Biomedical Systems, Software Engineering, Video processing, Animation and Gaming, Machine Learning, data mining, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Computer Graphics, Geometric Modelling, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, CAD/CAM, Web3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Block Chain etc.